Whether it be integrity, re-tasking wells, ERD efficiencies, downhole replacements and repairs, or perforation shut-offs, Enform Technology delivers across a wide variety of downhole applications.


Whether it be integrity, re-tasking wells, ERD efficiencies, downhole replacements and repairs, or perforation shut-offs, Enform Technology delivers across a wide variety of downhole applications.

Well Architecture and Drilling

Structural Integrity

With structural integrity key to drilling success and future production performance, Enform Technology and its Informed Isolation™ solutions establish optimal integrity for the lifetime of the well.

Characterized by immediate downhole validation and superior load capabilities, the formTieback™ addresses many of the structural integrity issues at the well architecture stage with no compromises to well design, assured structural integrity and complete sealed-in confidence.

As a certified connection system that attaches drilling and production liners to a tieback string of casing through a permanent and durable metal-to-metal seal, the formTieback™ pre-empts unplanned structural integrity issues, has no impact on ID, ensures full regulatory compliance, and delivers deeper and more productive wells. The formTieback™ also allows for the running of long casing strings.

Assured structural integrity.

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The sidetracking from existing wells – that have limited or no productivity – is crucial to meeting future production targets and re-tasking existing well architecture to ensure efficiency and longevity.

With formTieback™, tieback locator profiles are deployed in the well as part of the original casing string in pre-determined positions during drilling and completion. When the operator wishes to embark on sidetracking or slot recovery, they can then cut a window at any point below the profile, drill ahead, and tie the liner for the new sidetrack back into the pre-installed locator module. The result is reduced costs, greater flexibility and reliability, improved well designs without compromise, along with successful and effective optimized sidetracks.

No limitations, no compromise.

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Extended-reach Drilling (ERD)

With operators looking to improve efficiencies in ERD, formTieback™ secures the connection of a tieback string to the liner with immediate validation, metal-to-metal, gas-tight sealing, permanent superior axial load capacity, and no ID restrictions.

The formTieback™ offers the operator all the operational benefits of using liner strings in the well design, such as increased hydraulics capacity and Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) optimization for extended reach drilling. The product also mitigates risk of stuck pipe in unstable or time dependent formations without the limitations and penalties of a conventional tie-back connector which include: poor load capacity, elastomeric floating seals, accommodation of thermal expansion during production. Reap the benefits of using a tieback string during the well construction phase, and then tie-back with a permanent, full strength, zero restriction connection with metal-to-metal sealing to realize a tieback string that is now indistinguishable from a conventional surface casing string. The formTieback™ can even eliminate the requirement for second stage cementing.

Go further, with fewer constraints.

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Stuck Casing

Casing strings can often get stuck when casing is run into deviated holes or problem formation areas. The formConnect™ puts original drilling plans and operational productivity back on track as well as provides immediate sealing validation to the operator.

The formConnect™ allows operators to utilize a casing string that has become irretrievably stuck before reaching planned TD or landing off in the hanger.

The versatility of formConnect™ means that it is well suited to casing that is stuck high, but at a usable depth, and before landing in the hanger. Operators can simply cut and pull anywhere above the stuck point and run a new casing section to the cut point. The formConnect™ will then connect the two casing strings with a metal-to-metal seal, and full axial load capacity. The flexible space-out margin provided by the system delivers peace of mind and ease of deployment: the string is run until the landing in the hanger, set, and tested. Only then is the formConnect™ set, creating the robust connection across whatever segment of the original casing is now across the formConnect™ sealing profile. An optional grapple sub can even be run as part of the formConnect™ to allow the two casing strings to be pulled into tension after setting the surface hanger. The surface hanger will then be locked into the string when the formConnect™ is set, affording protection against casing buckling due to thermal expansion when the well is brought into production. As well as assuring TD with no loss of production, enabling the running of long casing strings by mitigating the impact of stuck casing, the formConnect™ can be used as a planned-in component during well intervention operations to facilitate and optimize slot recovery programs.

Fulfill original plans and production targets.

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Well Integrity and Production

Casing and Tubing Replacement

With tubing and casing critical to oil and gas production and to well integrity – cost-effective, quick, and long-life casing and tubing replacement options are vital.

The formConnect™, which is casing weight and grade independent, provides a high axial load rating, metal-to-metal sealing, connection system that replaces damaged casing and tubing and keeps well integrity and production programs on track. Through formConnect, operators can look forward to immediate validation in situ and sealed-in confidence, zero loss of ID, retain full bore capacity, all while restoring of well integrity and production.

Restoring well confidence and productivity.

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Wellhead Replacement

Whether due to damage, seal degradation, revised production goals, or sunken conditions, wellhead replacement is becoming increasingly common. If operators are looking to convert their well to gas lift, for example, and need to upgrade or replace hanger seals, then wellhead replacement is often the only option.

The only way to remove a wellhead, either to replace the hanger seal, or the wellhead itself, is to cut the casing strings below it. The challenge then comes in restoring the connection to these strings when setting the new seals or wellhead, particularly when piping may be misaligned or has sunken below mudline. The formConnect™ allows operators to easily replace the wellhead, at its original landing height, with full axial strength, metal to metal gas-tight seals, and zero ID loss. The fast and simple operation, with instant validation, not only allows the wellhead changeout without compromise to production performance, but can eliminate the need for costly rerouting of surface process pipework by reinstating the wellhead at its original elevation.

Extending well life through gas lift and restored of wellhead integrity.

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Perforation Shut-Off

Perforations are often shut-off to eliminate or reduce water production or isolate unwanted fluids.

The formClad™ and its immediate validation can quickly and easily isolate and shut down perforations that are no longer beneficial, without significant restrictions in ID, therefore maintaining well access for future intervention. True clad-through-clad options preserve production management options by allowing the treatment of today’s production issues without compromizing options to manage issues in lower intervals at a later date.

Precision isolation, no production restrictions.

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Casing and Tubing Repair

Effective casing and tubing repair is an ongoing challenge to well integrity.

The formClad™ gas-tight, high-performance end seals – with full metal-to-metal contact along the entire length of the clad and multiple conveyance methods – repairs damaged casing and tubing through the running of a robust clad liner that offers the minimum of ID loss whilst ensuring zero chance of slippage.

True clad-through-clad options – where the same size and specification clad and running tool can be run through and set below an existing and identical clad – allow operators to tackle immediate casing and tubing challenges, while maintaining the operational flexibility to intervene below at a later date with additional clads, full-spec logging tools, and even deploy optimal drilling BHA’s for TD extension.

Select producing zones that best fit your plans, no limitations.

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Plug and Abandonment (P&A)

Casing Integrity

When abandoning the well, it is vital that the casing is reinforced to meet all environmental and safety requirements.

The formConnect™ allows operators to quickly, cost-effectively and easily regain integrity during P&A through the simple reconnection of subsea suspension casing strings back to a surface wellhead, while at the same time eliminating landing height issues. The immediate validation of the sealing ensures complete sealed-in confidence.

Sealed-in confidence.

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Plug and Abandonment Preparation

Planning for future P&A is a luxury most operators don’t have, as they focus on maximizing production. Successful P&A, however, can only be determined through successful well integrity management strategies put in place throughout the life of the well.

The formTieback™ helps you get ahead of the curve. By incorporating the formTieback into your well architecture at the outset, you can ensure the reliability of metal-to-metal isolation options on abandonment, reduce costs and enable efficient abandonment while minimizing the challenge of complying with both current and future legislation.

Get ahead of the game, manage life-time costs.

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